When listing age under someone's name for reference, does there need to be a comma between "age" and the number?

My company is running an ad for a beauty supplement featuring our brand ambassador for the product. The main image is a headshot of our ambassador with her name and her age listed below.

In my specific example, should her age be written: A) Age, 62 or B) Age 62 ?

We generally use Chicago, but it seems like there wouldn't be a difference across the different styles.

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    Hi J, welcome to EL&U. There are two issues with your post: firstly, punctuation tends to be a matter of style, so the stock answer would be: "do what your publisher's style guide recommends, or if you don't have a style guide as reference, find one on the internet and adopt it." Secondly, I think I understand the context, but it's not really clear: I recommend you add more detail, e.g. by expanding the example to show exactly how it relates to the previous line(s) in the text. For further guidance, see How to Ask. :-) Apr 26, 2019 at 0:59

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No comma in your example. I've seen examples like this:

Joe Brown, age 57, CEO of Brown Industries Co.

Jane Jones, age 62, Founder & President Jane, Inc.

Or you could omit age and have

Participants were three males (ages 30, 31, 46), and two females (ages 31 and 35).

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