What does "to be golfed-out" mean in the dialog below ?

  • I'm going to the golf tomorrow morning, do you want to join ?
  • Thanks! But I’m pretty golfed-out! Just back from Thailand after 2 weeks of golf 12 games 🤪🤪.

"I’m pretty golfed-out!" means "Right now, I have done enough golfing, so I am too tired (of golfing) to do more." Person 2 in the quoted dialog is giving an explanation in order to politely refuse Person 1's offer/suggestion.

An expression like "(I am all) X-ed out" can be used as a slangy or informal way of saying "I have done enough of X". This may have arisen by analogy with the expressions "tired out" and "worn out". Other examples:


It means that you have played all the golf that you can.

Metaphorically, you don't have anything golf left in you still to play.

This meaning of the word comes from one of the senses of the definition of out:


3 a : to the point of depletion, extinction, or exhaustion
// the food ran out
// turn the light out
// all tuckered out

It's the last example in particular that's relevant. The construction of this type of expression is I'm all [verbed] out. (Although a noun can also be used.)

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