If you had the text abcxxcde, how would you go about counting the number of similarities?

Would there be be 1 because one type of letter (x) is the same or 2 because there are two letters that match?

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    There is a similarity between domestic cats and ocelots. – Michael Harvey Apr 18 at 20:29

There are 2 vowels and 6 consonants.

There are 6 types of letters, with 2 reoccurring, each twice (i.e., "c" and "x")

There are 8 letters wherein the same letter occurs consecutively once, for a total of 2 occurrences (i.e., "xx").

All the letters are lowercase.

There are no substrings which form common words.

That said, I do not think this is the right site for what you're looking for.

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