Is "Feel free to reach out to myself, Howard, or Jane." correct?
Or, should it read "Feel free to reach out to me, Howard, or Jane.".

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    Strictly, it should "me" because "myself" is a reflexive pronoun (eg. "I reach out to myself"). However, it is now widely used as a more formal-sounding equivalent to "me". An example of hypercorrection that probably annoys a lot of people. – user323578 Apr 18 at 18:51
  • "me" would be normal usage - at least in British English. – TrevorD Apr 18 at 18:51
  • Older speakers of Southern US English did this all the time. – KarlG Apr 18 at 21:14

Agree with @James Random and @TrevorD: me is preferred in this case.

Reach out [verb phrase] to [preposition] person or group of people [indirect object].

When the first person [I] assumes the role of an indirect object, the standard morphology is me.

If the speaker and the object are the same, the utterance is expressed reflexively. This means I/myself; you/yourself. Since in your example, the person doing the "reaching" and the person(s) being "reached" are not the same, using myself would not be conventional

In speech, as has been pointed out, grammar is more fluid and several different aspects of the same concept can stand in for one another because a speaker, unlike a writer, can always keep uttering more words until their message is clear.

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