For example, someone born in London but who moved to Wales at a young age and therefore wants to be known as a Welshman rather than an Englishman?

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    ...a wannabe Welshman? – Cascabel Apr 21 at 15:14

"Native" comes from the Latin word for 'born'. A person born in London can never become a "native" Welsh person, except maybe, at a stretch, to Welsh parents who were visiting. As S Conroy notes, a person who moved to Wales at a young age might come to "identify" as Welsh. Your question ignores 50% of the human race by supposing that the imaginary person always wants to be a "Welshman".


I'm not sure if it counts as one word but you could use a self-identifying Welshman.

From Macmillan Dictionary:


to decide and say who you are without the need for external checks or proof

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