I was reading a paragraph which quoted Johann Von Goethe. It said:

The only means to gain one’s ends with people are force and cunning. Love also, they say; but that is to wait for sunshine, and life needs every moment.

I tried searching on google but could not find its meaning.

And also, could you please explain its meaning? What is the meaning of "wait for sunshine" and "life needs every moment"?

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    gain one's ends = achieve one's goals – FumbleFingers Apr 18 at 13:08

The passage must have been translated from the German, probably some time ago.

End in this context is an old-fashioned term for a purpose or objective. I suppose the meaning is that, if you wait until you can achieve your purpose through love, you may have to wait a long time (sunny days not always being common in northern Europe) and life is too short to wait.

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