non native speaker here. when someone calls another person boy and the other person responds by saying "don't call me "boy" ". Does that mean the first person was calling the other person "boy" to imply that he/she is wiser (or smarter or has more experience in life etc.) and the other person rejects that by saying "Don't call me boy". I heard this in this video at 3:13 to 3:30. https://youtu.be/WyGq6cjcc3Q

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    Why would you assume that “boy” means wiser, smarter, etc? People who have lived long enough that they consider themselves men, don’t like being labeled as “boy”. – Jim Apr 18 '19 at 3:19
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    That's also why you should be careful when you call fully grown women "girl"s. – Neeku Apr 18 '19 at 16:58

In the given context, Alex Jones is trying to belittle John Oliver by saying him "boy". It is derogatory, if you call a fully grown-up man a "boy".

From Merriam-Webster

an immature male

separate the men from the boys

Also, it is an offensive1 word for a male servant.

1: Check Entry 2 in Merriam Webster

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According to one of my history teachers in high school, whites in the south would call male slaves "boy" regardless of their age... also female slaves "girl" regardless of age. I recall this was done in "Huckleberry Finn", where even kids were expected to call grown men "boy".

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