I wrote a sentence:

Figure 6(top) shows that....... while figure 6(bottom) shows....

  1. Does this sentence look grammatically clear with using parentheses?

  2. Do I have to leave a space after number 6, before ()?

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    1. This is not grammar, it is punctuation. 2. Yes, it is quite clear (assuming that "top" and "bottom" refer to these locations within Fig 6). 3. Yes, you need spaces before the parentheses. – user323578 Apr 17 '19 at 13:29
  • Side question: Why so many dots? Three will do the trick... – Amir A. Shabani Apr 17 '19 at 13:51
  • @AmirA.Shabani -- He's getting a little dotty ........... – Hot Licks Apr 18 '19 at 11:37

The Grammar of Parentheses

You are right, in a way. Parentheses require spaces before/after the preceding and succeeding words. Word itself, in some 365 editions, throws an error in grammar relating to your issue:

Consider adding a space before punctuation

Instead of:

The book(mentioned on chap. 9)is also on sale


The book (mentioned on chap. 9) is also on sale

Other versions of Word:

Other versions of Word may throw a spelling error instead of a grammatical one.


When indicating gender difference, their is no need to add a space after the parentheses but add a space after the preceding word as normal:

"If (s)he is available to attend, please fill out the slip below."

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