What is the difference between the following sentences? When can I use either? are they both correct?

I have been used this method


I have used this method

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    The first sentence is ungrammatical. – Jason Bassford Apr 17 at 5:58

Your first example is grammatically incorrect. It may be you missed out a preposition in between "used" and " this method ", may be a "to". In any case, the two sentences are different in meaning. While the latter suggests you have employed certain method, the former goes to mean you are accustomed to the method provided you are agreeable to use one " To " as suggested.

  • I just want to say that " I have used such a method to design this system" – Haidar Sadeq Apr 17 at 6:27
  • So settle down with the second, discard the first. – Barid Baran Acharya Apr 17 at 6:35

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