In the following partial sentence, is the apostrophe placement on “vice-president’s” correct or should it go after the s: “Vice-presidents’ ”

In the filling of vacancies in the five (5) vice-president’s office’s...

(I’m aware that there should not be an apostrophe in “offices”)

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  • If you are aware that offices should not have an apostrophe, I don't know why you gave it one. – Jason Bassford Apr 16 at 19:18
  • It wasn't my sentence structure, I was correcting a poorly written by-laws change. – Blond_ design Apr 22 at 11:33

Since there are multiple vice presidents, the noun would be vice presidents.

If you are saying then that that group of people, the vice presidents, own something, then yes it would be, perhaps as your hunch:

vice presidents' offices

However this is more like a literal possessive, as if you were saying:

The 5 vice presidents' offices were burned in an arson attack.

If instead you mean to say that you are filling a position/s (or an "office"), then you might consider restructuring the sentence, such as:

In filling the vacancies for the offices of our 5 vice presidents, [we reviewed many qualified applicantions...]

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