My sentence is: "Our generation work (because "generation" is a collective noun and here I use it in the plural) mainly on computers, we/they/it do(es) not need...". Which pronoun should I use?

  • Generation is a collective noun. It takes a singular concord: Our generation works... That's generally true in American English and more common in British English, even though they have a few exceptions like "Government" that are generally used with plural concord. – lly May 9 at 13:10
  • You'd never use they instead of we, but pace user3...'s answer below it is also perfectly acceptable. We makes it more personal; it more impersonal. You'd use the latter if you were making a generally true point that you wanted to exempt yourself from. – lly May 9 at 13:12

The phrase "our generation", like any group including first person plural (our family, our team, etc.), can be substituted by the pronoun WE.

Look at some examples from Reverso.context.net:

And then, like everyone else in our generation, we went to live in a Himalayan monastery.

In our generation, we cannot be expected to complete the monumental task which lies before us, but neither are we at liberty to abstain from it.

Posterity will not spare its judgement on our generation if we do not rise to this challenge.

  • @Katabalista There is a problem that has not been addressed. Generation is singular. It should be our generation works. – Jason Bassford Apr 10 at 1:43

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