I sent a club member an e-mail inquiring about a meeting that I was not informed about. She reported it to others as "she shot me a note"! Isn't that the opposite of a euphemism?

  • I would call it a "misunderstanding".
    – Hot Licks
    Commented Apr 9, 2019 at 1:50

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Shoot s.o. a note/email is slang, but the shooting does not imply violence or disrespect.

The opposite of a euphemism is a dysphemism, though this usage is not one. Just as the Greek prefix eu- means ‘good’, dys- means bad: think dysfunction.

An example would be military jargon for chipped beef on toast as sh** on a shingle. Using the abbreviation SOS, however, is a euphemism because it avoids referring to excrement.


I had to look up "euphemism." Based on the definition, I would say that this could be seen as the opposite (saying something light or mild in a harsh or blunt way,) but I would say that this expression is a fairly obvious metaphor, which I would say robs it of bluntness or harshness.


shoot TFS slang usage

To give, send, or hand quickly:

As in:

Shoot me that stapler. Shoot me a note. Shoot me a beer while you are up.

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