I have seen this flying robotic bird on youtube few days ago. Unlike other flying machines/robots, it flaps its wing to fly.

enter image description here

Doing google, I came to know that they are called bionic bird. But, bionic bird may not necessarily fly. They can be used as a spying robots sitting on a wall.

What do you call a robot or a machine flying like a bird?


The name of this device dates back to the year 1908. It comes from French ornithoptère meaning a machine designed to fly be mechanical flapping of wings.

Here, Greek ornitho- meaning brid + Greek -pteron meaning "wing".

So, we have the word ornithopter.

A machine designed to achieve flight by means of flapping wings.

"In collaboration with SRI International in Menlo Park, California, they are developing ornithopters - aircraft that get all of their thrust and most of their lift from flapping wings."

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When I was a wee tyke, we called this an "ornithopter". Back then it was powered by a wound-up rubber band.


ornithopter NOUN historical
A machine designed to achieve flight by means of flapping wings.

Oxford Dictionaries

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