While I was reading a quiz, I found the following choice question: She never (do - does - did) her homework at school.

Since my native language is not English and I am still in the very beginning way to studying English, I found that "never" can be used in Present Simple Tense as well as Past Simple Tense and other tenses, but I am still unsure whether this one can be a multiple choice question or there is a matter of preference here. I really couldn't make my mind up.

Could you, please, help, friends?

Thanks in Advance, Yusuf Ali


A good multiple choice question should have at least one wrong answer. The wrong one here is 'Do'. The sentence there would be: She does not do her homework at school. A different form of never rather than does. The other choices could be used for tenses you mention.

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    I'd have said good multiple choice question should have exactly one right answer. Unless associated instructions made it clear the task was to identify the one and only "wrong" answer. – FumbleFingers Apr 8 '19 at 18:21
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    Just finished a test where there were as many as three right answers. Instructions were painful. Multiple choice tests mean the teacher has failed to serve their function. – Elliot Apr 9 '19 at 17:55

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