I am not sure if I am allowed to ask questions like this, but as a foreign speaker, I am confused on how I can rephrase my sentence better.

A counseling services specially designed for international students could provide better support for international students.

I am thinking of replacing the second "international students" to "them," but I am not sure if the reader would understand that "them" refers to the international students, especially since the "counselling services" seem to be the subject of this sentence. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for the help.

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    Yes, the meaning would still be clear; or you could say 'provide them with better support'. – Kate Bunting Apr 8 at 8:23
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    Counselling services should be singular here. I think your instinct is right, although the sentence would still work, it flows better if them refers to the subject, as in International students would be better supported by a counselling service designed specifically for them. – Minty Apr 8 at 9:33
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    No you are not. Please take the Tour and read the Help. Try English Language Learners. – David Apr 8 at 18:55
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    A counselling service specially designed for international students could provide them with better support. – Jason Bassford Apr 9 at 2:26