I'd like to find an English expression, which is synonymous to, e.g., 'lie like a trooper', but with a that-clause in its structure i.e., he lies (so much) that + idiomatic expression. For example, in German, a corresponding expression with a dass-clause is 'lügen, dass sich die Balken biegen' "Er lügt, dass sich die Balken biegen" ("Er lügt sehr")

Note: 'that' is not necessarily overt. An expression with a similar structure is '(that) one could cut it with a knife', as in 'The smoke was so thick (that) you could cut it with a knife.', to imply a very thick smoke).

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  • Hi, thanks! Therefore, if I understand it right, people would say in English 'to lie that one can’t keep track of their lies' – Mihaela Apr 2 at 7:56
  • 1
    People are said in English to lie like a rug. – Mazura Apr 2 at 8:18
  • 1
    We don't say "lie heavily" to mean "tell many lies". Probably because "to lie heavily" would mean "to recline with one's weight otherwise unsupported". This is why the comment by @Mazura is a pun. – BoldBen Apr 2 at 8:40
  • I grew up in the country. We used to say "lie like a dog" @Mazura – Cascabel Apr 5 at 19:14

A common saying here (US, SE Region):

He lies so much (that) he's beginning to believe himself.

Using starting (instead of beginning) is more common in rural areas, I would say.

He lies so much (that) he's starting to believe himself.

Also, another common saying with has lied (with them referring to the lies that he's told):

He's lied so much (that) he's lost track of them.

Lastly, a very common saying with so long (instead of so much):

He's lied for so long (that) he's forgotten the truth.

I would say that my first example is the most region specific. The other two examples are easily found online, in some form (USA).

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