I am wondering which one is correct:

  • "Secessionism as a challenge of modern Europe"
  • "Secessionism as a challenge to modern Europe"

Thank you! :)

  • Depending on the intended meaning, either could be fine. – Jason Bassford Mar 29 at 3:16
  • @Jason Ok, but which version sounds better to native speakers? The meaning is to see are such actions a political threat for Europe. – Miki Mar 29 at 8:10
  • Again, context is required. But even with that it's likely a subjective answer—unless you can find a phrase that Google Books Ngrams Viewer tracks and you will accept as being more common. – Jason Bassford Mar 29 at 13:25

Both phrases are possible.

The choice depends on the actual context.

Look at the entry from Merriam-Webster's Dictionary (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/challenge):


1: a stimulating task or problem // looking for new challenges (In this case we can use of to show the possession of the problem)

2: a calling to account or into question


a challenge to unauthorized use of public funds (In this case we use to to show the direction of the process)

Compare two examples from Reverso.context.net:

"Notwithstanding those efforts, the challenge of achieving sustainability remains".

"The situation presents a challenge to the international community, which must find effective means to combat that menace".

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