Disclaimer: I'm not looking for an antonym of "procrastination" or "procrastinate" (Noun for an action and a verb, respectively).

I am looking for an antonym to "procrastinator" (noun for a person) that could be used to fill in the blank in the following sentence:

"I am not a procrastinator, so I am a _______________."


I think, a synonym of "PROCRASTINATOR" is "THINKER".

Then the antonym will be DOER:

​ = someone who gets actively involved in something, rather than just thinking or talking about it:

// There are too many thinkers and not enough doers in this office.


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I am a proactive person.

I am a go-getter.

These both come to mind. Go-getter may be more similar to what you have in mind.

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Seems like a good candidate

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Self-starter is another option.

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