what is the meaning of this sentences, please tell me--""That she should forget me so quickly was rather a shock.""

  • It’s just inverted: “It was rather a shock that she should forget me so quickly” – Jim Mar 27 at 5:50

The sentence simply means that The person is shocked because he did not expect the woman to forget him so quickly.

  • why there "should " used – Kapil Saini Mar 27 at 7:10
  • i think ... "should" not to be used there – Kapil Saini Mar 27 at 7:10
  • Maybe he was expecting her to forget him (hence the should) but not so quickly – Bella Swan Mar 27 at 8:03
  • @KapilSaini There is nothing wrong with the use of should and the infinitive. It's being used as a subjunctive. – Jason Bassford Mar 27 at 16:01

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