"We examined our society as network of complex, nonlinear systems that dictate our capacity to thrive with respect to our social identities."

trying to say that while our potential for flourishing (aristotle's 'eudaimonia') is a function of personal factors, social identity dictates more powerfully the level of ease with which we move through the world.

"with respect to" - does that work? or should i swap it with something else ?

  • fair enough ! @NigelJ application essays are tough. attempting to demonstrate my understanding of the concepts with very limited space. ends up sounding a bit nonsensical, i suppose. every scholarly article i've ever read employs straight forward and largely repetitive language. i need to stop trying to creatively rephrase and just write plainly. thank you for replying.. this is actually just what i needed to hear today. – coconut.aminos Mar 26 at 0:44

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