I saw this word on a reddit post but I can't find that post no more but its describes a person who thinks everything is easy, and is very douchy. When you ask them a question, they'll be like, "oh thats easy" and then tries to give the most sophisticated answer possible.

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    The fashionable word is 'arrogant.' Especially OTT 'incredibly arrogant.' – Hugh Mar 24 at 18:42
  • These folk tend to think themselves very eclectic. But in fact are not. – Wayfaring Stranger Mar 24 at 19:51
  • A person who is cocky is overconfident. He would consider every question as an easy one. – Kaushik Mar 25 at 8:15

Some words which you may be looking for (in order of their rank):

  1. smart-arse = someone who is always trying to seem more clever than other people in a way that is annoying

  2. egomaniac = someone who considers themselves to be very important and able to do anything that they want

  3. smart-alec = someone who tries to appear clever or who answers questions in a clever way that annoys other people

  4. egotistic = considering yourself to be better or more important than other people

  5. know-all = a person who thinks that they know much more than other people

Reference: Cambridge Dictionary

Apologies for providing the words and their meanings from a British English dictionary even after seeing your American English tag.

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