If our perspective is imperfect, and we create an "intelligence" based on that flawed perspective, we create an imperfect copy of something that is imperfect (like a VHS tape copy).

If we go the other direction, what is the word or phrase that describes the opposite of artificial intelligence from our imperfect perspective?

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    Natural stupidity, of course – Armen Ծիրունյան Mar 24 at 14:24
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  • You could use hyperlogical, based on the idea that artificial intelligence is designed to favor a likely solution over a rigidly reasoned one, as it does in natural language processing where the meaning of an utterance is uncertain. – Global Charm Mar 24 at 19:16

I believe (or have faith?) that the opposite of "artificial intelligence" would be "omniscience" - i.e. the quality of having infinite knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It is a natural attribute correctly ascribed only to God.


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