1. Belgium is considered to be a country of chocolate.
  2. Belgium is considered to as a country of chocolate.

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    Considered to as is ungrammatical. However, even the first sentence sounds odd—as if you're saying Belgium is a country made of chocolate. More natural is Belgium is a country known for its chocolate. – Jason Bassford Mar 24 at 4:11
  • It depends on the question it’s answering. – Lawrence Mar 24 at 5:45
  • Generally, though, in sentences of this kind it's considered to be or considered as. – Kate Bunting Mar 24 at 8:42

Only the first one is grammatically correct.

There's an example from Oxford Dictionary (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/consider):


Believe to be; think.

with object and infinitive 

‘all three patients were considered to be in a critical condition’

According to Reverso.context.net:

Unemployment is considered to be a national priority requiring carefully coordinated policies.

For the purposes of this study, all of the above-mentioned enterprises are considered to be part of the formal economy.

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