The term Precambrian defines the age of the earth before the Precambrian Period (before 541 Ma) ... I've heard it is not proper to say "Precambrian Time", as Precambrian is a definition of time. Is Precambrian an autological word?

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    What do you think 'autological' means? Pre Cambrian means 'before the Cambrian' so something like the time before 560 Million years ago. You can say 'The Precambrian' or 'the Precambrian Era'. – Mitch Mar 23 at 17:52
  • Whether the word Precambrian is autological has nothing to do with whether it's proper to say Precambrian time. For what it's worth, both Brittanica and National Geographic believe the phrase is proper. But again, I don't understand what that has to do with whether it's an autological word. – Mark Beadles Mar 23 at 20:44
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    If I understand the meaning of "autological", to put it into set-theoretic terms, it means a word that belongs to the set of words described by itself. "Noun" is a noun, "word" is a word, "pentasyllabic", and so on. But "Precambrian" is no way Precambrian. It definitely belongs to the Holocene, or Anthropocene era. – Al Maki Mar 29 at 17:56

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