Is there is any word or phrase (American English or British English) denoting somebody in a group or circle who takes charge of paying all expenses of the group, which will be later paid back by the group members?

For example, a group of friends go out to lunch. Instead of having a separate check for every individual, one person pays the entire bill, and then each of the friends pays back that person later (or even right then, but the point is to have a single person deal with the restaurant).

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  • What do you mean, "takes charge of all expenses?" Who is paying for what? – Andrew Leach Mar 23 at 13:04
  • sb to whom money is given to be in charge of expenses – Mohammad Mar 23 at 13:05
  • Who is paying for what? Please describe the scenario; don't simply repeat the unclear phrase. – Andrew Leach Mar 23 at 13:06
  • I assume I am clear enough. Nevertheless, imagine we are on a trip. sb, as chosen before, is given all money to,so they can manage what to buy and how to spend that sum – Mohammad Mar 23 at 13:09
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    I recall from my working days going to lunch (in the US) with groups of three or more. One person would volunteer to be "the banker" for the meal, paying the bill and collecting from everyone at the table. (What's an sb?) – remarkl Mar 23 at 13:15