Is there any style guide on how to use dative alternation in writing? It looks to me that dative construction is rarely mentioned (if ever).

  • English does not have a dative case, so your question is meaningless. – BillJ Mar 23 at 7:56
  • Pardon me if I worded my question ambiguous. I am asking why some people write "I send him a letter" instead of "I send a letter to him". – Anh Tran Mar 23 at 15:19
  • Possibly because it's easier and quicker to say "him" than it is to say "to him". But please note that although "him" and "to him" are both complements of "send", only the former is an indirect object. English has lost its earlier dative case, which characteristically marked the indirect object, so the terms 'dative construction' and 'dative alternation' are defunct, which is why I originally used the word "meaningless". – BillJ Mar 23 at 15:58

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