I am going to present a proposal to build a gaming arena for my English class.

I couldn't find any proper answer online.

Many websites use gaming arena, some of them use game arena or gamer arena.

As a gamer myself, I believe a gaming arena will allow students to practise their gameplay.


As a gamer myself, I believe a game arena will allow students to practise their gameplay.


As a gamer myself, I believe a gamer arena will allow students to practise their gameplay.

Any idea which word is more suitable?

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  • It depends on what is idiomatic in your locality and what is idiomatic for the type of "sport" that will be practiced. – Hot Licks Mar 23 at 2:07
  • Is the arena to be a space (either physical or virtual) where gamers compete against each other, or is it to be a space where games can be played by a number of gamers but not, necessarily, involving the other gamers using the same space? Any answer I give might be influenced by your response to this comment. – BoldBen Mar 23 at 13:42
  • @BoldBen The arena is used for eSport competition that may located at a shopping mall or stadium for gamers to compete against each other. – Coolwei Mar 24 at 9:28
  • In that case I would prefer game arena by analogy with conventional sports arenas such as boxing arena, football arena and so on. As most sports are also referred to as games the term gaming arena might be a bit clearer. I don't believe that gamer arena is correct, again by analogy with conventional sports, I can't imagine a boxer arena or footballer arena – BoldBen Mar 24 at 23:54

There is nothing wrong with any of these constructions. It remains to determine which phrase is the most idiomatic, which occurs most often in English as she is spoken or written. For this question, I defer to Google ngrams which reveals that game arena occurs most commonly, gaming arena with about half the frequency, and gamer arena almost never.

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