I recently browsed into the Stack Exhange page and saw a Community called « Super User » and even after looking for a definition online I found the following:

a consumer of electrical power.

Which does not make that much sense to me (considering that I am a non-native english speaker), so I logged in into https://superuser.com/ and did the "presentation tour" in order to understand it better, but even after that it's far from being clear to me

You'll be able to find more details below:

Super User
Q&A for computer enthusiasts and power users


Does anyone could please help me to understand it better and what does it precisely mean ?

Edit: To make it more clear, how can you make a difference between a normal user and a super user on a computer?

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  • Are you asking for the meaning of "SuperUser", or of the phrase "consumer of electrical power"? If the former, why not ask on SuperUser, or on their Meta site? If the latter, please rephrase your question (and show your research -- use a dictionary). – Hot Licks Mar 22 at 11:46
  • Yes I'm asking for the meaning of "SuperUser" sorry if it was unclear – Ced Mar 22 at 11:47
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    Think of the class of computer users as a spectrum, starting from those who only do email, web, and social media (and maybe solitaire), to those who add office productivity like Word and Excel, to those who have more sophisticated software for specialist needs, like Engineers. Continue up to die-hard on-line gamers, those who write code for a living, up to those who dig into the internals, write custom batch files and scripts, modify their registries, and virtually perform surgery on their machines. The upper end of that spectrum are colloquially called Super Users. – cobaltduck Mar 22 at 11:48
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    What search engine told you it is a "consumer of electrical power"? Google gives me as its definition "a user of a computer system with special privileges needed to administer and maintain the system; a system administrator." – Hellion Mar 22 at 12:09
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    Perhaps "power user" was confusing. A "power user" is a user (presumably of computers) who is relatively skilled and somewhat obsessive. – Hot Licks Mar 22 at 12:17

A super user is the one having admin authority. i.e. He can control the work flow and working of the project or task. A normal user on other hand has limited authority. that means he/she can only perform the task predefined in the manner of the super user

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