Can noun adjunct be used with the word 'beginning'? In the following phrases, for example:

event beginning, play beginning, month beginning, beautiful friendship beginning

These examples sound off to me, as opposed to their 'of the' equivalents, but a can't find an explanation why. Beginning is a noun, according to dictionaries, so using a noun adjunct with it should be grammatically legitimate. Or shouldn't it?

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    I'm not sure your examples are ungrammatical, so much as unnatural. One reason may be that we prefer to read the -ing word as verbal when we can, another may be that we prefer the of the construction generally. With two preferences working against you, it's going to be difficult to find an example that sounds natural. We're 10 days from month-end, or in other words 20 days from month-beginning still sounds awkward to me, though not ungrammatical. – Minty Mar 22 at 9:49

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