I have two sentences

does this item need to be repaired?


does this item needs to be repaired?

which sentence is better, and why.

Thank you.

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  • "Does this item needS to be repaired is incorrect?" You remove the "s" on the verb in a question. – Karlomanio Mar 22 at 14:37

There is no "better" sentence because the second one breaks the rule. A question for the third person in present simple starts with "Does" which means a verb shouldn't have "-s" ("-es") ending.

This item needs to be repaired.
Does this item need(no ending) to be repaired?


As your sentence belongs to Present Indefinite according to the grammar rules of English.

You should follow Present Indefinite the grammar rule while creating a question.

As per the English grammar rule for Present Indefinite your first sentence is correct.

Does this item need to be repaired?

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