I am studying grammar and I am curious to know if there exist any book that have lots of exercise that identify every word role (adverb, adjective, auxiliary verb, noun and ...). even having something like that can be a big help to me to assess my self and learn new stuff. Thanks in advance

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    This is not an answer, but I have been doing this sort of thing with Karen Elizabeth Gordon's The Well Tempered Sentence -- but it catalogs all of the punctuation marks, and goes forward that way. Perhaps you might find that useful? It's a good investment at $8 and a lot of fun to read. – sas08 Mar 21 at 9:04
  • A great reference (although not a complete reference manual) is a book called 'Have You Eaten Grandma?' by Gyles Brandreth. The missing comma between Eaten and Grandma is a clue to it's reference to grammar. 'Have you eaten Grandma?', vs. 'Have you eaten, Grandma?'. – GoodJuJu Mar 21 at 13:08
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