I do not know what word I should use, "badly" or "bad". i thought about using badly because there is a verb but I searched on the web and the results that came up said bad. Is it

"he talked bad about you"


"he talked badly about you"?

Which one is correct and why? Thanks in advance.

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    Both are correct. It depends on what you want to express. "Badly" modifies the verb talk and says how he talked about you. "Bad" could also be a noun, as in stuff that isn't good. Apple ran into a similar problem with their "Think Different" campaign. Was "Different" supposed to be an adverb, adjective, or noun? – michael_timofeev Mar 21 at 5:52
  • In other words, if his speech was poorly formed, then it's badly; but if he said things that were derogatory, then it's bad. (Although it would be more common to use ill than bad.) – Jason Bassford Mar 21 at 6:01

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