Is there a word for alignments that lies between evil and neutral and neutral and good without being definitively labelled either?

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  • This might be appropriate on the Role-playing Games stack as well. For instance, check out this question which mentions lawful evil. – mkennedy Mar 20 at 23:30
  • In Dungeons and Dragons, Lawful through Chaotic alignment is a spectrum that correlates with rule following on the Lawful end and renegade or flippant behavior on the Chaotic end. Meanwhile, Good and Evil are based on morality. As the saying goes, a thing isn't right simply because it's legal. Lawful Evil therefore is not any placement between Neutral and Evil. It instead describes a rule follower who is determinedly evil. The evil quality may not show in the characters actions due to the rule-following, but the detail is relevant to role playing. – R Mac Mar 21 at 0:44
  • Are you talking about real life or a role-playing game? If you're talking about real life, then something between evil and neutral would be naughty, and something between good and neutral would be decent. – Jason Bassford Mar 21 at 4:56

Roguish might work for between neutral and evil.

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