Could you please see if I have the correct solution for this task: "Write the sentence, using 'have (has) been'/'have (has) gone'. Don't forget about full stops. Example 0. I haven't seen Kate for ages. (She/Paris/for a year) Answer 0. She has gone to Paris for a year.

  1. I have already come home. (I/Poland/for a year)

P.S. My try is: 1. I have been to Poland. I was there for a year.

(Can we incorporate the period "for a year" into the sentence "I have been to Poland."?) So what's the right solution? Thank you in advance!


Yes, that's correct. The verb GO has two past participles. Gone implies that the travellers are still in the place they went to. Been implies that they returned from their trip.

Because the first sentence stipulates that the speaker is now back, been is required here.

  • Yes, but can we include the duration of the stay (for a year) in this sentence? The task is to say it in one sentence, and I've used 2 sentences. – Volga Mar 17 '19 at 17:38
  • There's no problem stating durations with present perfect contructions. We can't say when in the past something happened with the present perfect, but that is slightly different and doesnt involve duration. So we wouldn't say I have been in France last year, for example. – Araucaria - Not here any more. Mar 17 '19 at 17:59

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