Is it good English to write the following passive sentences, considering that it should describe what a system is doing in general (but maybe not necessarily at the moment)? I am interested in the word "get", whether it is appropriate in these situations:

  • Text gets analysed [by the system].

  • Files get stored [by the system].

  • Data gets displayed [by the system].

Furthermore, I would like to know whether the following sentences are good English, when "get" is used instead of "be", considering that it should describe what a system is requiring in general:

  • The button needs to get pressed [in case of this and that].

  • Users can get added [to the system].

If yes or no, why or why not?

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My 2¢ Text is analysed [by the system].

Files are stored [by the system].

Data (when it's not counted) is displayed [by the system].

I cannot immediately provide a cogent explanation for this other than to me it sounds better.

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