is this sentence correct:

"To each his own problems." to means "everybody has their problems."

Thank you!

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    No. The set phrase is just "to each his own," coming from the Latin suum cuique. You can't use a set phrase any other way. – Andrew Leach Mar 16 at 11:17
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    Well, I've heard "To each his own X" many times, but it does indeed draw on the idiomatic "To each his own" expression, with perhaps a sarcastic/ironic twist. – Hot Licks Mar 16 at 12:03

To each his own TFD idiom

each person has the right to make choices.

In a discussion about a problem, a comment of to each his own means a possible different interpretation of such, not that each person has the same problems, a different problem, or any problems at all.

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