Consider the sentence

The attack resulted in Robert breaking his ankle.

Is resulted in correct here? What about resulted on, would it be correct here or in any other sentence? what other word can be used here (in, to, ...)?

According to Google search results, resulted in is much more frequently used.


First of all, you can use a Ngram. It is obvious from this diagram, that the proper preposition is in. See also this question (English Language Learners). So

The attack resulted in Robert breaking his ankle.

Also, in simple cases like this you could also use an online grammar editor like that of Reverso. See attached picture below:

enter image description here

I don't know what is your mother tongue ; you could use an online translator service like Deepl. E.g. for a French native speaker one gets:

L'attaque a eu pour conséquence que Robert s'est cassé la cheville.

The attack resulted in Robert breaking his ankle.

Here is an interesting thread (two SOS about ‘resulting to’ and ‘resulting in’).

  • ah interesting, wasnt aware of that tool, thanks! – fersarr Mar 15 at 4:42

Resulted on would reference a point in time or on a thing. Such as:

Bogeys resulted on each occasion.

There are a few posts from the firefight that has resulted on Facebook.

A consensus definition appeared to emerge that the Japanese gold standard of grime was what resulted on one white shirt worn by a salary man for one day.

  • Your second sentence is ungrammatical. I was about to say that the subject is posts, so the verb should be have, but even that doesn't result in the sentence making sense. To use the construction you did, it would need to be have appeared on Facebook. The verb resulted just doesn't work in that construction. And if you change it, it would become resulted in, so it's not a good example sentence to make your point. – Jason Bassford Mar 14 at 20:33
  • In the second example, "resulted on" is not a phrase. The grouping is There are (a few posts from the (firefight that has resulted) on Facebook). – Barmar Mar 14 at 20:42
  • It could be rewritten as There are a few posts on Facebook from the firefight that resulted. – Barmar Mar 14 at 20:43

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