“I will never be as much comfortable and happy with others anymore as I am or was with you“ Is this sentence correct? If not then which would be the grammatically correct way to say this.

P.s: I added am or was because it was for some people who I used to be friends with, and for some people who are still my friends

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  • No it is not correct. You would never say "as much comfortable" – Karlomanio Mar 14 at 15:45

Although there are many different variations that you could use, I would the express the idea that you conveyed through one of the following sentences:

In a "past" sense:

"I will never be as comfortable and happy with others as I was with you."

In a "present" sense:

"I will never be as comfortable and happy with others as I am with you."

If you want to emphasize the feelings of comfort and happiness you might want to consider using the word "nor":

"I will never be as comfortable, nor as happy, with others as I am with you."

I am American, and I have seen a similar constructions widely used in both speech and writing. The answers I gave are more descriptive, rather than prescriptive, in nature.


My happiness knows no bounds when you grace me with your presence and affection. For those of my past and present are but a faint glimmer in comparison to the bright burning star, that is yourself. You bring me comfort and joy, of which I have never felt, in every waking moment of my life, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


I have never been, nor will I ever be, as happy and comfortable with other people as I am with you.

That said, given your "PS" note, this might be a message to a friend rather than a significant other, which means you may want to consider rephrasing:

I have never had a friend where I've been so happy and comfortable with.

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