Truth appears introspective, an image of ‘Botticellian sweetness’ sprawled against a Corinthian column, as she gazes apathetically beyond the skeletal spectre of Death through heavily-lidded eyes, bared-foot atop a globe and a sun-disk cradled in the crux of her elbow.

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    There's no past tense in the sentence. – Barmar Mar 13 at 22:45
  • bared-foot should be barefooted. – Barmar Mar 13 at 22:46
  • Is 'sprawled' not past tense? Also, as I am only referring to one foot, I am not sure that barefooted would work. Thank you! – GGD Mar 13 at 22:54
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    sprawled is not being used as a verb, it's being used as an adjective. – Barmar Mar 13 at 22:55
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    It's like "The wall is painted red". That's present tense. – Barmar Mar 13 at 22:58

you say gazes, which meant that it is real time (at least in the world where the sentence is true) meaning you can't change it to gazed, unless this is said in a time AFTER this happens.

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