Is there a single word for "put away" that would work in all of these contexts?

  • Put away the toys.
  • I put away the groceries.
  • The dishes were put away.

From searching I've come across a few possibilities, but none quite fit.


This seems the closest to what I'm looking for (by definition), but doesn't seem to fit well for the groceries or dishes example.

  1. Stow the toys.
  2. I stowed the groceries.
  3. The dishes were stowed.


This one fits pretty well for the groceries example, but seems to fail pretty badly for toys and dishes.

  1. Stock the toys.
  2. I stocked the groceries.
  3. The dishes were stocked.


Unexpectedly for me, this seems to come pretty close, but the dishes example feels to me like it should be "stashed away" instead.

  1. Stash the toys.
  2. I stashed the groceries.
  3. The dishes were stashed.

For the benefit of people who think I haven't said this clearly enough, I want a word that can fit into the blanks in the following sentences:

  • ________ the toys.
  • I ________ the groceries.
  • The dishes were ________.
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    Please explain (1) why you want a single word for the different uses; and (2) how you intend to use the single word? Different answers may be better in different contexts. Please read the section on How to ask a good question
    – TrevorD
    Mar 12, 2019 at 0:20
  • Especially why you need a single word. “Put away” is the way it’s said in English.
    – Jim
    Mar 12, 2019 at 16:09

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To store or stow works nicely! Longman Dictionary

  • I stored the groceries.
  • I stowed the groceries.

to stow:

to put or pack something neatly away in a space until you need it again

Stow has a nautical flavor, having been around since 1550. Can't go wrong with store either.

to store:

to keep something somewhere until you need it

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