I'm aware that "expressive" is an adjective in normal use. However, I wonder what the leeway on stylistic liberties might be on it's use as a noun or title for a business/organization in the vein of "The Artists Expressive" or "The Painters Expressive"? Or perhaps occasionally shortened to "The Expressive"?

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    It's impossible to answer this question with much accuracy, since stylistic liberties can be very broad in naming conventions and there are lots of rhetorical factors to consider. (This is what why agencies are paid big consulting dollars!) That said, similar shifts have occurred with the words collaborative and collective (formerly adjectives, now also nouns referring to organizations). – TaliesinMerlin Mar 11 at 16:42
  • You need apostrophes. "The Artists' Expressive" or "The Painters' Expressive". Otherwise, people will think you've just reversed the word order in "The Expressive Artists", which I don't think is what you want at all. – Peter Shor Mar 11 at 18:57
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    You can give any name you want to something. It doesn't need to be grammatical. – Jason Bassford Mar 11 at 19:01