When I am asking to change the catch-up to another day, what's correct:

let's change it to another day


let's change it for another day


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    I don't know what a 'cath-up' is, but an appointment is changed to another day. – Kate Bunting Mar 11 at 9:58
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    Let's postpone it to another day. – GEdgar Mar 11 at 10:33
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    Change it to another day. Although, you could reschedule/leave it for another day – Smock Mar 11 at 11:54

You can say:

  • Let's catch-up another day
  • Let's change our appointment to another day
  • Let's make an appointment for another day

To: "to" is used to indicate the direction of a place, person or thing.

"for" is used to indicate:

  • The use of something
  • Time or duration
  • In place of "because of"


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