I'm writing an essay, and I'd like to write at the beginning of the text that it is important to notice the ambiguity of the question I'm asked. How can I do that properly in english?

I'm my language, I would have said :

"We remark". Or : "One should notice that..."

thank you!

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    If you just mention the thing itself, it is obvious that you noticed it or you would not be mentioning it. "The question is ambiguous but I am answering it as ..." And the fact that this opens your essay, shows that it is important too. – Weather Vane Mar 8 at 17:57
  • well putting the thing that way makes also sens – Marine Galantin Mar 8 at 17:58
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    In English it is perfectly normal to say "One should notice that...", "We notice that..." or even "You will (or should) notice that.." but "We remark..." is not normally used to open a piece of writing. It would be understood but would sound odd. – BoldBen Mar 9 at 2:45
  • This is commonly shortened to just Note that . . . – Jason Bassford Mar 9 at 10:19

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