I need a word that illustrates the idea of how beautiful it is to have become who we are because of suffering, to acknowledge our flaws and work through the struggles of life to become who we are. A passion for survival and the feeling we get from overcoming serious pain and torture. Not enlightenment nor perseverance. Not survival. The closest I have found to this is the Japanese term "Yugen".

  • Though it is not a phrase request. I'll suggest Excruciatingly beautiful. – Ubi hatt Mar 8 '19 at 19:42
  • This is a wonderful concept, I wish I could offer you an answer. – Bob516 Mar 31 at 20:32

Your description brings to mind the words "glory" and "glorious", which can be defined as a "profound expression of beauty". As beauty, it can be perceived in many ways - not only visually. It certainly encompasses the concept of victory - "derived from overcoming obstacles, pain, and sufferings". It seems similar to "Yugen" as an obviously present, but inexpressible beauty.



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