"Analytical skills are used to uncover _________ data."

In the context of Data Science or Computer Science, I am trying to find a word that conveys "hidden" / "implied" / "underlying". As to say that once data manipulation and cleaning is done, some pattern can be deduced.

  • Note: all adjectives are words. – Robusto Mar 7 at 20:37

I actually found:

Latent - (of a quality or state) existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed

  • This is often used in a technical sense to refer to extracting latent fingerprints, which seems like a useful allusion. – Roger Mar 7 at 22:48

I would use the word underlying—which you seem to have already glossed over. In particular, if discovered only after investigation, the following sense:


2 : evident only on close inspection : IMPLICIT

Although implicit is a synonymous adjective, it's not as well-suited to the context as underlying itself.

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