"Names of countries" - meaning names of many countries ? i.e. To list the names of countries, Brazil, Singapore, Africa, and America (is the usage correct?)

"name of country" - meaning name of one country? i.e. The name of country is Brazil (is the usage correct?)

"names of country" - meaning multiple names of one country? i.e. The names of country for America is either America or The United States?

"name of countries" - I don't know this one :D

Hope someone could explain those to me. Thanks a lot in advance.

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This is just to do with plurals. I shall give an explanation for each:

names of countries

  • The several names of two or more countries - e.g. The names of [the] countries in Eastern Europe are Lithuania, Estonia etc.

name of country

  • The name of one country.

An example: The name of the country is Brazil or, directly, The name of country A is...

names of country

  • The several names of one country.

e.g. The names of the country North America are the 'US' and 'USA'. Or, again directly: The names of country B are...

name of countries

  • One united name of several countries e.g.

The name of [the] countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is 'the UK'.

Hope this helps.

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