Is there a word or phrase that describes when:

A single person in a group receives a less favorable treatment compared to other group members. The person's solution is to make sure everyone else also receives the unfavorable treatment rather than he/she to receive the better treatment.

In a sense, pulling everyone down or pulling everyone back.

I'm trying to find a word or phrase that describes this situation. Thanks


As a single word, such a person might be referred to as "vindictive".

Perhaps you are thinking in terms of the idiom "misery loves company". It's an old proverb. One that apparently goes back to the time of Sophocles - around 408 BCE. The proverb means that miserable people like others to be miserable too.




How about collective punishment?

unless you mean the process of bringing that upon everyone else - in which case you would be inviting or encouraging it perhaps?


a saboteur TFD

One who commits sabotage (the deliberate attempt to damage, destroy, or hinder a cause or activity)

As in:

In a sense, he was our saboteur, pulling everyone down and dooming our efforts.

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