When I reference to the next sentence or sentences using the term following, is the preferred way to use a colon or a full stop?

An example:

Consider the sentence 'I wash the clothes'. Replacing the letter h with the letter o in the previous sentence results in the following sentence. I waso toe clotoes.

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    (1) I sometimes think that the use of both a colon and the word “following” is awkward because they mean the same thing. But I often use both anyway because many people do so. I hope that some answers to this question shed light on this dilemma. (2) In my opinion, the first sentence should be something like the following for better readability: “Consider a sentence ‘I wash the clothes.’” Writing “I wash the clothes.” as a bare sentence seems strange because you are only mentioning this sentence. – Tsuyoshi Ito Nov 10 '10 at 13:45


Using a period misses the opportunity to connect the two sentences.

Of course, avoid overusing colons in your writing.

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