I would like to use the sentence

He was 'over-eager' to implement his plan, leading to failure.

I am looking for a single word which expresses over-eagerness in a negative sense.


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    You need to explain what's wrong with overeager itself. Feb 28, 2019 at 18:18

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Impetuous has a similar negative connotation. Oxford Dictionaries:

Acting or done quickly and without thought or care.

An impetuous person acts impulsively and does not think through their actions. Impetuousness would explain failure. Hence one could say the following:

He was too impetuous in implementing his plan, which led to its failure.


The Oxford English Dictionary (login required) defines 'Overeager' as an adjective meaning

Too eager, excessively eager or keen.

The negative aspect it already encapsulated in the word and no substitution is required.


It is not an exact fit, but the word most frequently used in that context, I would suggest, is impatient.

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