What can be a single word for a list of tasks that are to be done every month/period?

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"Recurrent Tasks," "Regular Tasks," or "Periodic Tasks."

Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks might come handy if you have in your project a task that will happen every couple of days or every month. However if you have a repeating task that isn't on a regular schedule, you need to create a separate task for each occurrence. Therefore, if a task repeats at set intervals, enter it as a recurring task. If it does not repeat at set intervals, enter it as a regular task every time that it occurs. For example, attending a monthly project debriefing or generating a quarterly project report is considered a recurring task.


Chore is probably not quite right, but it might be just the thing for your particular application.

  • Actually, chore is exactly the right single word: "regular or daily light work" and "a routine task or job." I would edit your answer to include the full Merriam-Webster definition, which shows that the single word does mean a recurring task. – Jason Bassford Feb 28 at 15:45

How about this?


From dictionary.com:

performed in equal intervals of time.


If "routine" hasn't been mentioned here, it should be. There can also be a customary "schedule" (of tasks) that people follow without writing them down (shopping, laundry, workouts etc. - but can be done religiously). Either of these lists can be repeated in any timeframe - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually....pretty much known as a personal "calendar".




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